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Black Obsidian - A Powerful Protection Stone

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Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful protection stones.

It’s often used in crystal therapy to pull negative energy out of the body. Not only can it repel negativity from others, but also does a tremendous job at protecting against negative environmental energies and outside negative influence.

Placing an Obsidian by the bed or under the pillow can draw out mental stress and tension, and may have a calming effect, but it can also bring up the reasons for that stress.

It works extremely fast and with great power. Its truth enhancing, reflective qualities are merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses and blockages. Nothing can be hidden from obsidian.

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Obsidian helps you to understand who you truly are and not who you think you are, it will help to integrate these two perceptions into a whole.

Working with obsidian can become very intense. Even if you feel that you’re ready to face your deepest emotions, working with obsidian can (at times) be an emotionally painful experience. Apache Tear, or Snowflake Obsidian are more gentle forms of Black Obsidian.

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