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Root Chakra Balance Kit | Healing Stones | Grounding Muladhara Crystals


This Root Chakra healing kit includes stones that will ground you to our sacred Mother Earth, and give you a sense of purpose & belonging.

Red Jasper is a staple in any crystal collection. It grounds you, and gives you courage in difficult situations. Black Onyx has very powerful protection abilities. It grounds you, and heals emotional wounds from your past.

Purpose: Foundation, Security, Grounding

“I Am”

Your Kit Includes:

  • Red Jasper (2) - calming, can be used to resolve difficult situations, and ground and stabilize the Aura, must have for any crystal collection.
  • Black Onyx -for grounding, physical & spiritual protection, healing old wounds or past life issues,  emotional and physical strength and stamina, decision making.
  • Clear Quartz - Master Stone. The most versatile healing stone. Protects against negativity, helps you attune to your higher self, and relieves pain.
  • Information Card with detailed instructions on how to use your stones for Root Chakra healing.


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Each stone you purchase from Sacred Soul Stones is intuitively chosen & handled with love & light.

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