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Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Set | Astrology Stone | Natural Gemstones Sacred Soul Stones

Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Set | Astrology Stone


The AQUARIUS Stone Set is a powerful set of three (3) genuine gemstones specially chosen for their individual energies and properties that when used together bring enlightenment, and empowerment to body, mind and spirit..

The Aquarius crystals counteract the forces of darkness to bring spirits of light out of you. They bring a gentle, calming energy, which is excellent for reducing stress and any negative thoughts. They also help to transform your mindset, bringing you out of thinking negatively and feeling defeated.

Your set includes:

  • One Amethyst tumbled stone
  • One Labradorite tumbled stone
  • One Moonstone tumbled stone
  • One stick of palo santo to cleanse your new stones.
Each stone you purchase from Sacred Soul Stones is intuitively chosen & handled with love & light.

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