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Beginners Stone Set | Essential Twelve Crystal Kit | Natural Crystals Stones


The 12 stones in this set are great for beginners, and people looking to deepen their crystal journey. 

The stones in this set work with not only the 7 major chakras, but also include five Master Healer stones for healing the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and environment.

These twelve stones are extremely versatile, and you will be able to make several different combinations.

The stones included are:

  • Bloodstone - For cleansing, protecting, revitalizing - particularly the blood.
  • Smoky Quartz - For cleansing, protecting, grounding, pain relieving.
  • Red Jasper - For energizing, stimulating, grounding, rectifying, protecting.
  • Orange Carnelian - For energizing, stimulating, stabilizing, bringing in abundance.
  • Citrine, - For Detoxing, energizing, uplifting, sustaining.
  • Green Aventurine - For cleansing, activating, regulating, stabilizing.
  • Rose Quartz - For enhancing love, sedating, releasing, forgiving, restoring the blood.
  • Amazonite - For soothing, balancing, communicating, opening, cooling, calming.
  • Sodalite - For Cooling, stabilizing, releasing, intuition.
  • Amethyst - For Cleansing, protecting, tranquilizing, transmuting, opening.
  • Labradorite - For Opening spiritual communication.
  • Clear Quartz - Master stone for absorbing, storing, purifying, releasing & regulating energy.

Each stone has many more functions and qualities. Your set will come beautifully wrapped in a reusable cloth bag. The stones will range from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches. 

Your kit will also include:

  • Information card with info about your stones & how to use them.

Please note that the props seen in the photos are not included. 

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