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Lower Chakra Crystals for Grounding & Protection | Natural Tumbled Stones


One of the most widespread causes of feeling vaguely unwell and out of sorts is being ungrounded. You might start to feel that you are not fully in your physical body, you are not in the present moment, and your energy is scattered in all directions.

These grounding & protection stones are excellent tools to get you focused and in your body.

Your grounding and protection kit includes:

  • Bloodstone - Master healer for the body, focusing your attention into the physical realm and onto your life path. Helps you live in the now.
  • Smoky Quartz - One of the most efficient grounding stones, it has a powerfully protective function, absorbing negative energy and environmental pollution. 
  • Black Onyx - Facilitates energy centering, and aligning it with a higher power. Provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances.
  • Red Jasper - The "supreme nurturer", brings wholeness, and reminds people to help each other. Sustaining & supportive, provides a reservoir of energy to draw on.
  • Garnet - Stone of love & compassion. Provides courage, confidence, and energy. Helps alleviate depression.
  • Unakite - Stimulates the healing of the soul. Awakens the higher self & gets rid of pent up emotions.
  • Moonstone - Draws out old emotional patterning. Provides deep emotional healing and heals disorders of the upper digestive tract that are related to emotional stress.
  • Information card with a more detailed description of your stones, and how to use them.

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