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Seven Chakra Balancing Set | 7 Chakra Stones


Each Chakra center is associated with a specific color & crystal and governs different aspects of human emotion and behavior. This kit includes seven premium tumbled stones. Each associated with it's own chakra.

The stones in this set work to heal the 7 major chakras. Used separately, or together, these stones can help heal the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and environment.

Your new set includes:

  • Red Jasper - Energizing, grounding stone for Base Chakra balance.

  • Orange Carnelian - Creating, grounding stone for Sacral Chakra balance.

  • Yellow Citrine - Energizing, cleansing stone for Solar Plexus Chakra balance.

  • Green Aventurine - Emotional calming, heart protecting stone for Heart Chakra balance.

  • Sodalite - Powerful mental healing stone for Throat CHakra & Third Eye Chakra balance.

  • Amethyst - Must have mentally soothing, and intuitive stone for Third Eye balance.

  • Clear Quartz - Energy amplifying master stone for Crown & multiple chakra balance.

Each stone you purchase is intuitively chosen & handled with love & light.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

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